June 9 - 11, 2023

The Gathering builds community at a festival where attendees can reconnect with friends, learn during clinics and visit with vendors!

The Gathering is a great opportunity to meet lots of like minded overlanders and gain ideas towards your personal build and next adventure in a safe and inclusive family environment.

Get out and drive in small self guided groups and explore a new region of Ontario. We have seen friendships blossom and grow at our events and we can’t wait to add to the OverlandNTH family.

The Gathering will showcase over 30 vendors specializing in the overlanding and off-road space. Come see the latest in roof top tents and pick up that last piece of kit before you hit the road on your next overlanding adventure.


Experience 3 hours of comprehensive driver training with Chris Walker, Director of Overland Vehicle Training with Overland Expo and Owner of Overland Training Canada and Richard Sheridan of Freedom Recovery Gear.

This in-class and in-field training will help you gain confidence and take your driving skills to the next level of adventure, covering topics such as recovery techniques, trail preparedness, driving techniques, and avoiding common mistakes. Get ready to enhance your off-road driving skills and enjoy a safer and more exciting journey!

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