The Rally FAQ’s

The Rally Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the event this year?

On Friday we will be setting up on the decommissioned runway at Deerhurst Resort. The coordinates for the registration gate are 45.354514, -79.150854. On Saturday morning, we will all be packing up and heading to the Haliburton Forest and the registration gate at our second location is located at the following coordinates: 45.222476, -78.591735 

What time do the gates open?

Gates open at 12 pm on Friday, June 7th. Your arrival after that time is welcome. Our staff and volunteers will be there to greet you and share the layout of the camping areas. 

How do I get from the runway to the Haliburton Forest?

You have two options: the self-guided trail route available using a QR code from the Merch Tent on the Runway or you can travel on the usual roads between Deerhurst and the Haliburton Forest. 

What does my rig need to do the self-guided trail route to the Haliburton Forest?

To do the self-guided trail route you should go with at least one other vehicle, have experience driving off-road, and have a rig with AT tires. Within your group you should have radios (FRS and/or CB), recovery gear and experience using it, navigation in the form of GAIA, Garmin etc and you should have a saw of some sort in case you come across fallen trees.

What time should I try to be in Haliburton?

Whether you do the self-guided drive or hit the highway, you should try and be settled in at the Haliburton Forest by 3pm on Saturday to allow you time to set up and relax before the feast.

How does my child participate in the soap box derby if we are trail riding to the Haliburton Forest? I can’t bring my own derby car.

No worries! OverlandNTH will have two derby cars that the participants can use and share.

What time do we need to leave the Runway on Saturday?

Your should plan to arrive at the Haliburton Forest no later than 3 pm so you can set up and be ready for the evening activities. With that in mind, everyone should be off the Runway no later than 1:30 PM.

How is the trail ride being organized?

We are going to send people in groups beginning on Saturday at 9 AM. This allows for safety in numbers and also spreads out our travellers on the trail. Please stop by the Merch Tent to sign up for a departure time, get details about where to meet, and get the QR code for the route.

Is food included with my ticket?

There will be snacks served again by Chef Miguel and Team on Friday night on the runway. This isn’t meant to be dinner so please plan accordingly. The “Feast” will be served on Saturday night by Boshkung Smokehouse at the Haliburton Forest and is included with your Driver and/or Co Pilot ticket.

What time will the “Feast” be served on Saturday night?

Dinner will be served at 6pm on Saturday night followed by smore’s fireside at Boshkung Smokehouse. The raffle will also happen at that time.

What should I pack? Be sure to check the forecast and bring all essential camping gear for any weather, including rain. Bug season is upon us, so bring your spray and bug net(s). Please leave your firewood at home, as there will be some available at both Huntsville and Haliburton Forest (SUBJECT TO FIRE BANS).

Can we have our own fires? At your individual site, you may have a fire but fires CANNOT be on the ground and  MUST be contained in a raised fire bowl. Firewood is available and is on a first come first serve basis at both locations.

Can I bring my own alcohol to The Rally? Yes, you may bring your own alcohol to the event but it must remain on your assigned camping site as this is permitted at the campgrounds.

If I go on the off-road guided drive do I need recovery gear? 

YES! Recovery gear is required if joining the off-road drive. Please stop by the OverlandNTH Show Services Tent to ensure your rig meets the requirements for the off-road drive. There will be an “on pavement” option to drive to Haliburton Forest. 

Is The Rally dog friendly? 

We are dog friendly but dogs must be leashed at all times during the event. We also ask that if you bring your dog that it is comfortable with larger crowds, noise and other dogs. Let’s face it, you don’t want your dog barking all weekend and neither does your neighbour. Who needs the stress?

Will there be running water and toilets on the Runway? 

No, there is no potable water available at the runway site and showers are not available either so please plan accordingly. There are porta toilets throughout the runway..

Will there be running water and toilets at Haliburton Forest? 

Yes, there is potable water available at the Haliburton site and showers are available as well. There will be porta toilets in the group camping area.

Music is a big part of the OverlandNTH community, should I bring my guitar? 

We encourage it and always look forward to a fireside jam! We do have quiet hours after 11pm so we ask that this rule be respected. We all want to be fresh as a daisy on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Can I fly my drone at the event?

NO! There are no drones allowed to be flown at the event as this is a Deerhurst Resort and Haliburton Forest policy and is strictly enforced. If you are seen to be flying a drone you will be asked to leave the premises and will not receive a refund.

Can I use a generator at my site?

No, gas generators are only allowed to be used in the exhibitor area and by OverlandNTH staff.

Is there shorepower onsite?

No, power is not available onsite.

What if someone is being inconsiderate of others and their behavior is inappropriate?

We encourage our community to have positive interactions with one another and believe people will conduct themselves accordingly. We are a family friendly event that is about enriching each other’s lives through our love of travel, the outdoors, and motorsports. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and passholders will be asked to leave by OverlandNTH Staff should it be deemed appropriate to do so. In other words, be cool and chill Winston! The world is filled with challenging situations so let’s just have a fun, respectful and inclusive time at The Rally.

What clinics are offered at The Rally?

We don’t offer clinics or storytelling sessions at The Rally but we do have this great program available at The Gathering – Calabogie taking place August 23-25th. 

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